The Frontline 50

The Frontline 50 recognises students who are driving social change across the country.

If you’ve made a difference in your community or you know someone who has, click the button below to fill out the short entry form.

What is the Frontline 50?

Frontline is a social work charity that creates social change for children and families. On campuses all over the country, students are creating social change of their own.

Sometimes these students drive national change, like campaigning to make the country a more equal place. Sometimes they work locally to make things better for their community or for a single person who needs support.

The Frontline 50 is our way of recognising these students: the influencers, allies and advocates who are driving change in their community.

What are we looking for?

The social change in question can take any form; however, we’ve suggested a few examples below


Campaigning to make the world a better place

Children and families

Using your time to improve the lives of children or families


Using your knowledge and experience to educate others


Taking action on climate change

Mental health

Supporting others in your community with their mental health


Driving social change in your community by fighting racism

Nominees must be undergraduate students pursuing a degree at a UK university. There are no other restrictions for entry.

Why enter?

Career coaching

Receive two coaching sessions from our team: one on increasing your social impact through community organising and one on securing a place on a graduate programme.

your CV

This national accolade from a Times Top 100 employer will make your CV stand out versus those of other graduates.

Be an example to others

This is a chance to showcase the work you’ve been doing to support your community, which will encourage others to take action to make a similar impact

Judging process

The Frontline team will shortlist the nominations to join the Frontline 50. We will be looking for evidence of creating social impact. There is no single metric for social impact that we will base our decision upon, but feel free to include any numbers or data to support your entry. Once we have announced the Frontline 50, a panel of judges, along with a public vote, will choose the top 10.

How to enter

Entrants are asked to submit no more than 250 words addressing the following points:

  1. What work has the nominee undertaken to drive social change?
  2. What is the impact of their work on the community?
  3. How does the nominee plan to build on this work in the future?