7 skills you will develop as a brand manager

8th April 2019

Our student brand managers are our main ambassadors on campus. By encouraging others to start a career in social work, they make a real difference to vulnerable children and families. The role also offers a great opportunity for students to boost their CV and kick-start their career.

We are currently looking to hire 60 passionate, independent and creative students to be Frontline brand managers at university campuses across the UK. Read on to learn what skills you will develop in the role!

Public speaking

Our brand managers are ambassadors for Frontline and for social work. Whether giving a shout-out in a lecture, delivering presentations or pitching to your peers, you will grow confident speaking to an audience.


To reach as wide an audience as possible, our brand managers must build a network of useful contacts. You will connect with department heads, student media, societies and the careers service at your university, to organise stands, events and coverage in student papers.

Frontline brand managers in Leeds

Event management

As well as helping the Recruitment team at careers fairs, our brand managers organise their own events to promote the Frontline programme. You will take control of the entire process, from promotion to delivery.

Social media management

Our brand managers run the Frontline Facebook page for their university. It’s up to you to drive traffic to your page, create engaging posts and promote your own events.


Our brand managers don’t just help deliver our marketing campaigns, they help us shape them. You will create content, and design and develop ideas to help promote the Frontline programme and other opportunities for students we have on offer.

Frontline brand manager in Oxford


Our brand managers have been published in student media and on the Frontline blog. You can hone your writing and copy-editing skills writing articles and blog posts about social work, the Frontline programme and your experience as a brand manager. We may even pitch the best pieces to national media!


Most brand managers work in teams with other brand managers at their universities. Together you will collaborate to share work, maximise your impact and build on each other’s strengths.