‘A Brand Manager can play a huge role in recruiting social workers’

2nd May 2014

Apply to be a Frontline Brand Manager here.

Last year I applied to be a Frontline Brand Manager. Having worked with children as a student ambassador for nearly two years at my university, I knew I wanted to be involved in similar work where I can engage with various people and promote opportunities that are so rewarding. Children in need are almost four times less likely to achieve 5 A*-C GCSEs including English and Maths and I knew that, as a brand ambassador, I could potentially play a huge role in recruiting more social workers to work with children in care and help to improve statistics such as these. 

I knew this would be challenging as I have never worked in marketing before, but I knew Frontline offered something different. I didn’t see it as a job; I saw it more as a passion and being paid was a bonus. Frontline’s mission is something I wanted to be involved in and the inner satisfaction is something that money can’t buy, but something that working as Brand Manager can provide. 

Frontline has given me more responsibility; I can manage my own hours and use my own initiative. Being a Brand Manager is time consuming – and at first it was a challenge to manage my university studies and Frontline work – but I had immense support from the Frontline team, and knowing what I was doing would make a difference motivated me.

This job is perfect for someone who is ready to use their initiative and talk to strangers around campus. If you have the commitment and motivation to succeed, and willingness to try new things, then a Brand Manager position is for you. I would strongly urge you to apply if you want to go into social work as a career, or even if you are considering a career in marketing. You don’t just gain one skill from this job, but a range of skills that will enhance your CV and, more importantly, your skills as a person.

The best advice I can give someone who wants to apply is to enjoy themselves. Don’t apply if you see every task as a chore, but if you are somebody who can spark a conversation with an empty room and support the work Frontline is doing, then being a Frontline Brand Manager is a good opportunity for you.

Nelema Akhtar is a Frontline Brand Manager at the University of Manchester