A Day in the Life of a Frontline Participant

22nd September 2015

Laurie, 2014 Cohort 

I arrive in the office and check to see if any important emails have come through. In one case I’m handling, the mum has been struggling to take her daughter to nursery every day but I’ve got a note through saying that her attendance has been 100% this week. I give the mum a quick call to say well done, because I know how hard it’s been for her.

Time for the weekly unit meeting, which is a chance for me and the other three Frontline participants in my local authority to discuss any problems we’ve faced this week with our consultant social worker. We work together to come up with plans for different cases we’ve been dealing with. What’s been great is how much trust we’ve developed as a group which means I can be honest about any issues I have.

I cycle off to a nearby school after quickly grabbing some lunch. I meet a child I’ve been helping since I started the Frontline programme just to see how he’s doing because he’s been through a very difficult time recently. He’s really happy to see me and seems to be coping well despite everything he’s had to deal with.

I’m on a home visit to see three generations of a family I’ve been working with. The young daughter left her mum’s home a few months ago to live with her grandma – today the mum is visiting grandma so it’s a chance to talk to all three of them. I notice that the mum and daughter seem to be getting along better and I sit down with mum, who tells me that her daughter has spoken about possibly moving back in with her soon, which is amazing news.

Back in the office where I write up reports on the two visits I’ve had this afternoon. I’ve got a bit of time spare so I begin reading for an essay I’ve got due in as part of the academic side of the programme.

Finished with work and I head over to some football pitches nearby where I play in a social care five-a-side team. Afterwards I have a quick drink with the team then head home for some sleep before another busy day tomorrow.