A day in the life

30th August 2013

An experienced children’s social worker outlines a typical day on the frontline

“Last night a new case came in – a family we’ve never heard of who seem to have moved around the country a lot. We’ve had to remove the kids and now we need an Emergency Protection Order to keep them safe for the next 72 hours whilst we figure out the best solution. First big task of the morning; I’ve got to get the report written to take to Court for 10am.

11.30.  I’m out of Court and dashing off to a professionals’ meeting on a psychiatric ward at the hospital. There will be 12 people there, most of them health professionals, to discuss the case of a three-year old.  I’m hoping the Nursery teacher will show up because she’s seen the child with me a number of times and knows the case well.

Meeting finished. I was challenged on the plan for this child by the Senior Consultant at the hospital.  I had to persuade him as I feel secure in my assessment of the situation and shared the additional evidence from my knowledge of the family.  I need to write up the minutes while it’s fresh in my mind. 

Quick lunch while chatting to my supervisor about how Court went this morning.  He told me I’ve had three missed calls from the detective investigating the case with us.

Follow-up phone call with the police.  We came up with a plan for what to do next. They’ve done checks and apparently there’s a long history with this family including the parents using false names and dates of birth. They’ve come from Scotland and the father’s been in prison before for a violent crime.

This afternoon I’m off to a local school to visit a boy I’ve been working with for six months. I’m really enjoying the time we’re spending together and today, the teacher’s agreed we can use the football pitch to kick a ball around. I know it’s going to be a good visit because despite everything he’s going through, he’s always so resilient and happy to see me.”