An insight into the Frontline programme

9th March 2017

I first heard about Frontline after a generic search of ‘social work’ on google.  After clicking through the website I came across the Insight Days. I knew immediately that I wanted to attend and without hesitation, registered and applied. So why should you?

Not only will you find out more about an organisation committed to transforming the lives of vulnerable children, but you will also get to meet the Frontline team and learn about how you can get involved.

So what does the day consist of? In April last year I was lucky enough to attend a Diversity Insight Day at the Frontline head office in London. On arrival, I was greeted by the warm and friendly staff who instantly made me feel at ease. Once everyone had arrived, we were introduced to members of the Frontline team and were given an outline of the day. Shortly after this we were given an introduction to Frontline from its founder, Josh MacAlister.

Throughout the day we were able to explore the competencies they use to assess candidates, and break down the key skills required for social work. We also received advice on how to progress through the application process for the Frontline programme.

The day was also packed with activities and talks that encouraged teamwork.  One example was ‘tunnel debating.’ This was a really fun activity where statements were put on a board and in pairs we had to argue for or against the statement. This not only helped us develop our persuasion and presentation skills but it also helped remind us that a conflict in opinions often exists.

As a social worker, it is important to respect the opinions of others – whether it be other social workers or the children and families you encounter on a daily basis. Another activity that increased our understanding of social work was the role play. It was insightful to see the type of visits social workers make every day and it also provided those who participated a chance to prepare for the Frontline programme assessment centre which incorporates a role play activity.

My favourite part of the day was the talk from a Consultant Social Worker who talked about her motivations and experiences as a social worker. Following this, she then asked four individuals to take part in a mock unit group, and together they began discussing a case. It was motivating to see individuals collaborating to make crucial decisions as well as to see the impact a social worker can truly have.  It was after this I knew I wanted to help spread Frontline’s mission.

The day ended with a panel consisting of Consultant Social Workers, a participant on the Frontline programme and a care experienced individual. We had the chance to ask them questions and it was helpful to hear from qualified social workers and those on the programme.

Overall, it was an intense but extremely insightful day. The most exciting aspect was being surrounded by like-minded people all wanting to make a change in society. After attending the Diversity Insight Day, I went on to become a Brand Manager for Frontline, helping to spread their mission around my university, and one day I hope to play my part in improving the lives of vulnerable children and their families.

Do you want to be a social worker or learn more about the profession? Heard about Frontline and want to know more? Then apply for a Diversity Insight Day or Undergraduate Taster Day.