Applications are open. Have you got what it takes?

30th September 2013

There is a well-established story – a script – written in the pages of UK statistics that casts children in need as those who will achieve less and receive less as they walk through life. Their circumstances reinforce the belief that they are less influential, less worthy and less welcome to be part of society.

Social work was a profession born out of an imaginative disbelief in this narrative. It is a creative profession engaged in supporting families and care-givers in re-writing the future histories of the most vulnerable and abused children in society.

My own story of joining Frontline began after working eight years in local authority social services. I have witnessed how good social work practice, performed by excellent social workers, is able to re-write these storylines of disadvantage.

Yet whilst social work is creative and rewarding, it is not glamorous. It is a career for ambitious, hard workers that will put all your faculties to use on any given day: from befriending a disengaged child to articulating your professional opinion to authorities. Social work is fast-paced and dynamic. In eight years of working there was never a moment of boredom – it was a case of both eyes on the ball, none on the clock! My relational skills were constantly exercised across a range of cultures and social contexts, alongside the need to quickly analyse information within hugely complex, demanding situations.

I am so excited that our application process opened this week for people of all ages, professions and educational disciplines across Britain who believe that social work should be reclaimed as the leadership profession that it is. We cannot wait to partner with our first cohort of shared visionaries.  

If you have a judicious mind; if you are compassionate, have courage, resilience and the ability to connect with people of all backgrounds and age groups – then read through our application process. It might be the next step in your own journey of leadership and professional development. We are looking for outstanding people, who will share the vision to see beyond the statistics and help rewrite the story for every child in need. Have you got what it takes?

Jen Logan is a Recruitment Officer at Frontline and has previously worked in social services. Frontline’s applications are now open. Click here to apply.