A career like no other

Looking for a challenging profession that will help you reach your true potential? Join the Frontline programme, develop your leadership skills and have an real and sustainable impact on society.

Frontline is a social work charity working to ensure that all children in England have a safe and stable home, and that their life chances are not limited by their social or family circumstance.

We are looking for passionate and motivated individuals to join us and help us create social change for these children and their families. On the two-year Frontline programme, you will develop the social work practice and leadership skills to do this, and become part of wider movement of people working to make a real difference in local communities and broader society.

Develop essential skills like leadership, conflict resolution, analysis and adaptability and qualify as a social worker after one year

Earn as you learn with a tax-free bursary of up to £20k in year 1 and a salary of up to £34k in year 2

Complete a Master’s Degree in Advanced Relationship Based Social Work Practice with Children and Families

Join the Frontline Fellowship and receive ongoing training and career support from Frontline

Why we need more men in social work

“Being a care leaver, what I found hard growing up, was the fact there weren’t many male role models.”

At Frontline we believe that social workers should reflect the diversity of all the communities they serve. 53% of children in need are male, but only 14% of social workers are men.

At Frontline we want to see more people turn to this life-changing career, and in particular more men.

We asked two social workers and a young man who has experienced care to share why they feel we need more men in social work.

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We value diversity greatly at Frontline, as we believe social workers should reflect the communities that they serve. As such we have a positive action programme to encourage diversity and tackle underrepresentation on the Frontline programme, in line with the Equality Act 2010. We have asked you questions about your gender and ethnicity for this reason and require your consent in order to be able to process this information. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting dpo@thefrontline.org.uk. Please read our privacy statement here for further information on how we process your data.
Social workers support some of the most disadvantaged children and families in the community. On our two-year graduate programme, you will have a vital impact in your local community from almost day one and make a real, positive difference to society through your work. You will also gain skills in leadership, conflict resolution and relationship building to help you thrive in this dynamic and challenging role.