As a brand manager, I can do meaningful work alongside my degree

12th February 2020

Frontline’s brand manager roles are a great way to gain experience and earn money while still at university. These roles also allow you to have a lot of fun along the way, so we asked some of our current brand managers what they have most enjoyed about the role.

Here’s what they had to say:

Ben at Durham

Uni can sometimes make you feel like there isn’t a world beyond your course. As a brand manager, I can do meaningful work alongside my degree. It’s great to have this added purpose for my time at university.

The role has also meant that I’ve met some amazing new people with a similar drive, and it’s helped me to develop my skills in written communication, public speaking and social media. It’s also been a huge confidence boost generally!

Emily at Edinburgh

Being a brand manager at Edinburgh university has massively boosted my confidence in my communication skills. I had not had a job before where interacting with the public was so important. By helping with careers stalls and shout-outs in lectures, I have learnt how to approach people and present information differently depending on who I am speaking to.

Also, the job has allowed me to be more innovative. Being creative to make a successful event is a refreshing break from normal university work. I’m especially enjoying organising events with the feminist society and interacting with a society that is not normally prioritised by employers.

Meg at Leeds

When I first heard about Frontline I was immediately intrigued and knew I wanted to apply for their Leadership Development Programme. Before doing this, I wanted to know more about the programme – the brand manager role was a great way to do this. Being in third year, I wanted a part time job that was flexible around my university work and that was why Frontline was perfect.

The role has given me the opportunity to meet a number of different people and talk to them about social work. You gain and develop a number of skills, such as communication and campaigning.

Nilan at Manchester

The brand manager role gave me great flexibility and autonomy. I was given the opportunity to network and run events with departments and societies to help spread Frontline’s mission at my university. Moreover, Frontline’s comprehensive training and continuous support meant that I felt prepared to face difficulties when they arose.

Emma at Lancaster

I have thoroughly enjoyed the brand manager role in so many ways. I am very much a ‘people person’ so it’s great to meet so many students from across the university doing such a wide range of subjects and talking about our shared interest of making a positive impact on society. It’s also incredibly rewarding when you get to talk to people that had no idea about Frontline. When they get really excited about the programme, you know you have helped them with their career plans.

It is also incredibly rewarding when you challenge yourself in this role and have such a positive response. Before being a brand manager, I was worried about doing lecture shout-outs as speaking to loads of people was something that I wasn’t confident about. After I did my first one, I got so many sign ups – it really boosted my confidence so now I jump at the opportunity!

If you’d also like to enhance your university experience by becoming a Frontline brand manager, apply here.