From brand manager to graduate intern

21st February 2019

Being a brand manager was everything I hoped it would be, and more

I was in my second year at university and it suddenly seemed like everybody around me knew what careers they wanted to pursue after university. I, on the other hand, was still pretty clueless. One thing I did know was that I was interested in marketing. It was something I wanted to get experience in before I made any big career decisions. In my endless internet search for this experience, I stumbled across the brand manager opportunity at Frontline. Almost immediately I knew it was perfect for me. I would receive employer-recognised training and develop skills such as branding, marketing and event management. All whilst working flexibly on-campus at my university. I applied without hesitation and (thankfully!) received an offer.

Being a brand manager was everything I hoped it would be, and more. I have always been an anxious and quiet person by nature and the role was invaluable in boosting my confidence. Giving lecture shout-outs and representing Frontline at careers fairs definitely put me out of my comfort zone – but I’m so glad it did! I really developed my networking and communication skills. Towards the end of my role, it didn’t faze me at all to stroll up to a large group of strangers and start talking about Frontline.

I couldn’t help but sell the graduate internship to myself

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the marketing aspects of the role, being a brand manager also made me realise that a career in the charity sector was far more aligned with my future goals. As a brand manager I was recruiting students that could one day transform the lives of vulnerable children. It was incredibly rewarding to be part of this life-changing mission and know that I was making a positive impact.

When it came towards the end of my time as a brand manager the graduate internship opportunity opened for applications. As I promoted it at my university, I couldn’t help but sell it to myself. The role was an amazing opportunity to further my insight into the charity sector. It also meant I could continue working with the driven and dynamic Recruitment team. Once again I was lucky enough to receive an offer from Frontline. As a grad intern I would work at Frontline’s London office for six months during the busy recruitment season. My journey with Frontline was far from over!

2017 student interns

I was immediately made to feel a valued member of the team

The Recruitment team, as well as everyone else at Frontline, were so welcoming. I was immediately made to feel a valued member of the team. During my time at Frontline, there was not a single day that I ever felt like just “the intern.” From the very beginning, the team was keen to hear my ideas. I was encouraged, in the spirit of Frontline’s culture of freedom and responsibility, to take initiative and lead on change. However, most importantly, I have learnt more than I could have ever hoped to.

Organising and facilitating the fast-paced assessment centres was incredibly challenging. Ensuring that everything was in place ahead of time, while coordinating candidates, assessors and professional actors, was a big task. This not only built up my confidence even more, but I now feel assured in working in similar high-pressured environments – a skill sought by many employers.  

My experiences at Frontline have been invaluable in shaping my career. I am so incredibly thankful for all the opportunities I have had during my time there, as well as for the amazing colleagues I have met and close friends I have made along the way.