“There’s so many doors the brand manager role can open to you”

18th February 2019

Our brand managers are university students who help raise awareness of Frontline on their campus. They promote our brand and spread the word about social work. They come from all walks of life, have varied interests and pursue very different paths. Our team of brand managers at King’s College London – Andres, Kirsty and Divina – are a fantastic example!

Kirsty, Frontline Brand Manager

“It makes a difference to know that the work I do means that a child could have a great social worker.”

“My favourite part of the role has been the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to an organisation with a mission that matters to me,” says Kirsty, who comes from Huddersfield and is studying a degree in German. “It makes a difference to know that the work I do means that a child could have a great social worker.”

Although Kirsty is unsure what she wants to do in future, the brand manager role has given her an opportunity to give back to a cause that resonates with her. It has also allowed her to learn more about Frontline and the third sector, which is an area she has considered going into as her undergraduate degree comes to a close. Some of our brand managers, like Claire and Rahim, go on to join the Frontline programme and train to become social workers. We have also had brand managers who go on to be student and graduate interns at Frontline. Some, like Fran, have even joined the charity as an employee!

No matter what path you take, being a brand manager has a lot of other perks that could help build your skillset and boost your CV. Besides being a paid role, it gives students the opportunity to build useful skills and shape the role to suit their own strengths and areas for development.

Divina, Frontline Brand Manager

“I’ve learned so much as a brand manager”

Divina, who comes from London and is studying a degree in international relations, has felt the positive impact the role has had on her interpersonal skills. “I’ve learned so much as a brand manager,” she says. “I’ve become much more confident in approaching people. The role has allowed me to become a much more effective and persuasive communicator, not only in person but also on social media.”

Having a supportive team to work with is another benefit of the role. “I have enjoyed getting to know my team a lot. We work really well, support each other and we have a lot of fun together, which I didn’t expect going into this,” shares Andres, our brand manager from Venezuela/Chile. Because the role only requires a couple of hours of work each week, which can be tailored around our brand manager’s schedules, it’s been a great way for us as a charity to engage international students in our mission and give them a chance to make a difference in their country of study.

Andres, Frontline Brand Manager

“I would absolutely recommend the role!”

The brand manager role is an excellent opportunity for students looking to start a meaningful career. But don’t just take our word for it. As Kirsty says, “I would absolutely recommend the role! There’s so many doors the brand manager role can open to you and you will meet so many interesting and fun people.” This feeling is echoed by Divina. “Do it! You’re going to get such an amazing feeling knowing you’re supporting such a worthwhile cause. Sure, you have to persevere – people don’t always want to hear what you want to say – but I think it’s a worthy challenge learning how to make people listen to things that matter.”

Are you ready to make a difference and be a leader on campus and in wider society? Applications for the brand manager role are now open. Click the button below to see what universities we are recruiting from, what it takes to be a Frontline brand manager and to submit your application.