Case studies

Get an insight into our work by reading stories from participants, fellows and members of the Frontline team.

Frontline programme participants

  • Case study
    Kasey’s experience of working with children and families throughout the pandemic has opened her eyes to new and creative ways of working.
  • Sally and Jacob (Frontline programme participants)Case study
    Two Frontline programme participants, Sally and Jacob, worked hard alongside parents-to-be, Lacey and Lee, to ensure that baby Logan would be able to remain safely in the parents’ care once born, but with intensive support from professionals.
  • Case study
    Durham is a fantastic place to live and work. I’ve got a first-hand understanding of how people have grown up and the different challenges of being northern.
  • Frontline participant, JessCase study
    I always thought that I would become a teacher, but as time went by I realised that teaching wasn’t pastoral enough for me.
  • Frontline fellow, RahimCase study
    You never know what aspect of yourself families will respond to. Diversity gives us the opportunity to learn more about people and to share this understanding with our colleagues.
  • Frontline fellow, JoshCase study
    When I started the Frontline programme, I had no idea how varied the job of a field social worker was and how many different ‘hats’ social workers need to wear.
  • Frontline fellow, AntonCase study
    I’m proud of being a social worker and I talk about my job a lot. It’s a fascinating role and people are often surprised by what I do on a day to day basis.
  • Case study
    Sometimes social work is about hard-fought but small successes, which although small can be really rewarding when they represent a shift in a family’s thinking or behaviour.
  • Case study
    Prior to starting Frontline, I enjoyed a stimulating career as a teacher for 35 years. Frontline presented me with the opportunity to work with these young people at the other end of the school day, in their home and family.

Firstline leader

  • Case study
    The Firstline programme has really improved the motivation of participants who now have the confidence to try different approaches to difficult situations.
  • Case study
    I got involved with the Fellowship because I got so much out of my experience with Firstline. I can confidently say I don’t think I would be a service manager today had it not been for the Firstline programme.
  • Case study
    Firstline has helped me look at how I manage my staff. It’s helped me identify that whilst I’m good at managing performance I’m not great at interacting with extreme levels of emotions.

Frontline fellows

  • Frontline fellows
    Heather came into the programme as a very experienced leader. It quickly became apparent to her how impactful the ‘imposter syndrome’ she felt was; underpinning most of her daily work was a pervading stream of thought about not being good enough.
  • Saul Lovell, Firstline leader and social workerFrontline fellows
    Saul Lovell is a Frontline Fellow whose career in social work spans over 13 years. Now in his sixth year as a social work manager, Saul is currently leading a new team on a project called ‘social work in schools’ in Croydon.
  • Case study
    Roseanna is part of the Children’s Social Work Collective - a group fellows who have set up and launched a new advocacy group for social work in the UK. 
  • Case study
    I am passionate about the practice models used on the Frontline programme, in particular, systemic practice. For me, it just works.
  • #FellowshipFridayCase study
    Devina Cross is a Frontline fellow and head of safeguarding at the RAF Air Cadets. Over the past months, Devina has been busy developing a training programme - with a twist.
  • Emily NobleCase study
    I decided to deliver a session through the practice network because I wanted to support other social workers where separation between our personal home lives and the things we were seeing and hearing in our work lives became impossible during the pandemic.

Frontline staff

  • Tom, Fellowship OfficerTestimonials
    I was really excited when I saw the role being advertised because the Fellowship is such an important part of Frontline’s mission.