Charley Lintern

Child Rights Adviser, Children’s Commissioner’s Office - London

I chose Frontline because of its innovative approach to social work training. Opting in to the first cohort was a risk, but one worth taking. I started my career at a children’s charity, but I soon realised I wanted to get away from my desk and help children face to face. Social work gave me the opportunity to work with children in their homes and schools, supporting them and their families through difficult challenges.

Now, I am a Child Rights Adviser at the Children’s Commissioner’s Office. The Children’s Commissioner has a legal duty to promote and protect the rights of all children in England, and my role is to offer advice and representation to children. Just as I learnt in my Frontline training, I am continuing to help children express their views, using influence and leadership to advocate on their behalf to make sure their voices are heard and their rights are upheld. Though I love child protection social work, my new role has given me the opportunity to work with an even broader range of children. It has allowed me to engage with local authorities across England and to contribute to far reaching, impactful research and policy work for children and young people.

The Frontline Fellowship brings together a passionate network of people who want to share ideas and work together for children and young people. Being able to meet other fellows and learn from their experiences has been really valuable. With other fellows, I’ve been able to think about the scope for change and innovation in practice, policy and research across the sector.

Frontline is committed to making sure fellows and participants are able to contribute to the organisation’s growth and development, and I now sit on the charity’s board representing the fellows. I have a responsibility to ensure Frontline fulfils its mission and has the greatest impact possible on the children and families it serves.