Kiran Flynn

I received coaching from Hazel Hyslop during my second year of Frontline, and I am pleased to say that I found it so helpful that I continue to see her now. Hazel had a great mix of systemic training and knowledge of the child protection system as she had worked in the NHS for a number of years.

One example of how Hazel really helped me was when I was preparing for my first court case. Prior to giving evidence, I was concerned about having to take a very rigid position but Hazel helped me to see that I could still support the local authority’s position while remaining curious and open to different possibilities.

I didn’t really have any expectations of coaching before starting, but I hoped it would be a place where I could discuss work and personal issues in a way that joined the two up. I would recommend going into coaching with an open mind, and making sure that you take time to prepare for each session to get the most out of it.