Jodie Grimes

Name: Jodie Grimes
University: Coventry University
Degree: Criminology and Law

I decided to apply to the Undergraduate Taster Day because I wanted to ensure that I had as much information about the Frontline programme as possible before I applied.

On the day, we had an overview of what the two-year programme involved, a talk from a consultant social worker, details on the application process and a Q&A session with someone who had completed the programme.

I particularly enjoyed the talk from the consultant social worker because we were able to use our own knowledge and experience to decide what to do in an example of a social worker’s case.

My initial perception of children’s social work was that it involved a heavy workload with limited support, but it was made clear that we would have all the support we would need throughout the programme, and that a work-life balance is achievable!

The taster day definitely persuaded me to apply to the Frontline programme; if you are thinking of attending one, you should. You can ask any questions about the application process or the programme and get an idea of whether the programme is right for you.