Kieran Cutting

Name: Kieran Cutting
University: University of Exeter
Degree: Politics and Sustainability

I missed the application window for the Frontline programme, but its focus on empowering social work in the UK really spoke to me. I was keen to get some professional campaigning and communications experience and I wanted to have a part time job in third year so I could earn some money, so the brand manager role seemed like a great opportunity.
At times being a brand manager can be demanding, but it has been so rewarding. I have developed my communications and campaigning skills, and as a direct result of my work, I secured a volunteer social media job with a local political party for the 2017 general election.

Working in the role has also really helped me build up my confidence. I have enjoyed speaking to such a vast group of people, and bringing social work to the attention of people who never considered it before. I remember one bio scientist in particular who was unsure if Frontline was for her. After speaking with me, she applied and has now received an offer for entry onto the programme.

I now have a confirmed place to do a PhD in Digital Civics at Newcastle University, and I used many of the skills I learned as a brand manager during the interview, like knowing how and when to communicate messages. Being a brand manager has also helped in other roles. For example, as Community Officer at my student’s union, as it gives you a very transferable skillset. Part of my PhD offer was based on my experience with community work, and I would not have been able to do any of that as well without Frontline.
If you are thinking of applying to be a brand manager, just do it! It is a chance to get involved in life-changing work, and help raise the profile of social work to hundreds of students every year.