Frontline fellow, North West

After graduating from university I had joined a management training programme, yet I quickly found myself losing interest in my job.

My mum sent me a link to Frontline, and while looking through the website I read that on the course ‘Being able to take charge and lead the way is essential, but you should also recognise when it’s time to step back and let others take the lead’. Through training and mentoring staff in my old job and coaching university cheerleading, I’d always loved seeing people achieve when they’d doubted themselves before.

When I told people what I wanted to do, most said, ‘That’s such a hard job’ or, ‘You’ve got to be tough to do that’. But that just spurred me on. I like a challenge. Not being challenged enough was one reason why I left my last job – that, and wanting to contribute something to the world.

I’ve worked with single parents and families of 11, parents that are vulnerable asylum seekers with no access to public funds and wealthy international business owners. Children and parents with learning disabilities, mental health conditions, drug and alcohol addictions, young people undergoing gender reassignment. Children who want to be doctors, police, teachers, builders, or own hotels. Child protection has no boundaries like class, age or race.

What I enjoy most is that social work is just so interesting. Families are unique and fascinating and no two will ever be the same, I’ve been completely humbled by the fact they have let me into their lives.

Do you like a challenge? This unique and fascinating career might just be for you.