Frontline fellow, London

In my final year at university, I looked at quite a range of different career options and graduate schemes, and social work wasn’t even something I’d considered. But when I saw Frontline, it sounded like no other graduate scheme. The opportunity to gain a postgraduate diploma and a Masters while working full time in a local authority was something that really interested me.

Now I’m on the programme and doing social work, it’s really opened doors to me. I don’t know any other career where you can work in such a collaborative way with a child and their family, and so many different organisations involved in a child’s life. We’re all working to achieve the common goal of ensuring the child’s safety, and to make sure they’re able to reach their full potential.

I enjoy the unpredictability and variety of the job. I work across a lot of different settings, such as schools, community centres, families’ and foster carers’ homes and children’s centres. When I go into work I don’t know what my day will involve, and that’s exciting as well as challenging.

Support comes in many forms on Frontline. There’s always someone in the team to talk to when times are hard – and people who’ll tell you when you’ve done something well. I feel that I’ve learnt so much more about myself and the strengths I hold.

My most rewarding experience so far was when, after months of working with a family and tackling different issues, a mother told me how much she felt supported by having me in her life. That was a special moment.

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