Community Care – ‘I believe this will make a real difference to social work education’

21st August 2013

Professor Donald Forrester and Yvalia Febrer, academic lead and programme director respectively for the fast-tracking social work training scheme Frontline, explain how it will transform the way students are prepared for practice

Donald, it has just been announced that you will lead a team of experts to develop the Frontline Academy curriculum. Why did you get involved?

Donald Forrester: I’ve been on a bit of a journey, because I sent an email in December to members of the Association of Professors of Social Work saying Frontline was a terrible idea. I was quite hostile to it. But then I stepped back and thought about what my experiences as a practitioner, a researcher and as a lecturer when I was training social workers had taught me. Social work has some serious problems and continuing with the same model of social work education that we’ve always had is not going to contribute to sorting out those problems.