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Once you’ve completed the Frontline programme, a range of potential specialisms and areas of expertise will be open to you within the social work profession. Below are just a few ideas for potential career progression.

Continue in frontline child protection

You can continue as a children’s social worker and develop your skills in handling ever more complex child protection issues as a statutory caseholder. Then, as you gain experience, there may be an opportunity to become a Consultant Social Worker and lead your own team of Frontline participants.

Senior Practitioners, Team Managers and Practice Managers

Social work teams are diverse and offer distinct routes into management and leadership roles. Senior Practitioners hold a small number of complex cases (and supervise a number of social workers), while Team Managers and their deputies have wider managerial responsibilities. Practice Managers generally do not hold cases but have a role in overseeing the practice of small groups of practitioners in specific specialised settings.

Senior management roles

Senior management roles include Service Managers or Group Managers, Heads of Service, Principal Social Worker and Directors. At this level, you will have a more strategic role with responsibility for operations, commissioning and wider service development. You will also be involved with leading the service provided to children and families, and in shaping and creating the services of the future.

Become an expert

You may prefer to develop skills in a social work specialism beyond child protection. Options include:

  • Specialist social worker in another field – domestic violence, substance misuse, adult mental health, working in family centres, child and adolescent mental health and court work
  • Adoption and Permanency – where highly specialised social work practitioners assess and identify prospective adopters and match them to adoptive children
  • Fostering – where social workers recruit, support and develop foster carers to support them in the day to day challenges and rewards of caring for looked after children.

If after two years you decide you want to move beyond social work, there are a wide range of careers which are aligned with Frontline’s mission. Click here for details.