Last reviewed: 06/04/2020
Last updated: 02/04/2020

During the constantly evolving situation and guidance around Covid-19, Frontline is keeping the safety and wellbeing of our staff and stakeholders at the forefront of our decisions while working hard to ensure that we can continue to deliver our programmes and other work. It is essential that we continue to train and develop excellent social workers that so many families and local authorities will now be relying on more than ever.

During this time of crisis, social workers will be at the forefront of dealing with the wider impacts of the pandemic. Numerous factors, including the closure of schools, will put more pressure on vulnerable families. This will have hugely significant implications for social workers.

Our main priority is the delivery of our Frontline programme. This includes both continuing to support and develop the 2018 and 2019 Cohorts, and supporting those who have applied for the 2020 Cohort to begin the programme as planned in the summer. Like other organisations, we are having to adapt the ways in which some of our activity is delivered in response to the advice laid out by Public Health England.

We have successfully delivered all recent recall days using online technology, and we have confirmed that the five week 2020 summer institute, starting in July, will be delivered remotely using a range of innovative teaching and learning approaches. The University of Bedfordshire, our current academic partner, has also approved modifications we have made to Frontline programme assignments. We will continue to trial and develop the best methods to provide an alternative and equally high-quality learning experience for all programme activities.

We are also looking at where we can put new focus to offer the best support to the sector at this time. We are increasing support for our network of fellows and are also determined to support our local authority partners and the wider social work community through this period and out the other side. Sadly, the impact of the crisis for child protection will likely be felt long after the threat of the virus itself has receded.

As circumstances continue to change we will reassess the situation and our response. You can find more information on our FAQ page.

We will contact all those directly affected by these changes and we will update this page regularly, so please continue to check here for the latest information.

The Fellowship

We are committed to increasing support for our network of fellows who continue to be active and influential within statutory social work, the charitable sector and beyond. While there will inevitably be a pause in some of the work that they have been leading on, we are encouraging those who may be self-isolating or temporarily home-based to use this time to further develop their thinking around innovations in social work and how these could be implemented in practice.

As the first step to support fellows at this time, we will be hosting a virtual Social Work Coffee Break every Wednesday. This weekly webinar will feature guest speakers including coaches, social workers, managers and experts in social work practice, who will share practical, useful advice each week. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas.