Trusts and foundations

As a charity, we work to ensure that the life chances of children who don’t have a safe and stable home are not limited by their social or family circumstance, and that they do not remain trapped in a cycle of disadvantage. We do this by developing excellent social work practice and leadership, but also, crucially, by fostering change and innovation within the social work system, and the broader community.

We rely upon grants from charitable trusts and donations from companies and individuals like you to deliver our pioneering, system-changing work. The Fellowship, our innovative and ambitious alumni network, is funded entirely by your philanthropic grants and donations.

We are committed to developing our Fellowship into a movement of 4,000 impactful fellows by 2025. More impactful fellows will mean more ideas and innovations for us to nurture, support and grow into viable improvements in the social work system and beyond. We cannot do this without you.

Thank you

We are grateful for the support of the following trusts

Porticus UK

ZVM Rangoonwala Foundation

John Swire 1989 Chartiable Trust

Portal Trust

Present Value Trust

Hadley Trust