Ep.2 Men don’t care? Masculinity and careers

18th February 2021

Despite much progress in recent years, many men and women still hold the belief that certain career paths are ‘gendered’. Some work stereotypes are still engrained in us. For instance, a research study commissioned by Frontline revealed that men are more likely to believe that money and prestige are some of the most important aspects to strive for in a career. In this episode, Jojo, current student and care leaver, Nick, student and radio host, Callum, head of Fellowship at Frontline, and Robin Morgan, comedian, debunk and debate the myths of what people consider as ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ jobs in our communities.

Episode 2 of our three-part series, Men don’t care? focuses on how gender stereotypes affect which careers men ultimately seek out for themselves.

In this discussion, the group look at how they’ve seen and experienced a lack of men in jobs that are considered as more ‘feminine’, such as teaching, roles in the fashion industry, or social work. Our panel notes how many people are mis-sold jobs by popular culture, which warps our perspectives of what careers can make an impact. Nick, Jojo, Callum and Robin close off their conversation by debating how male representation in traditional ‘female’ professions can help people find rewarding and challenging careers, regardless of gender.

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