Ep.3 Men don’t care? Masculinity and Frontline

26th February 2021

Only 14% of England’s children social workers are men, and less than 25% of applicants to the Frontline programme are male. In the final episode of our three-part series, Men don’t care? we look at how important it is to have male social workers, and how rewarding the career path can actually be for men as well as women.

Episode 3 of our debate series explores the benefits of being a social worker, helping people to understand what exactly it means to work in this life-changing profession. Our panel highlights the complex and rewarding tasks that social workers are faced with, debunking the idea that social work is merely a job which assesses whether someone is fit to look after a child or not. Take a dive into how social work has benefitted our guest speakers, whether this be through working alongside social workers, or as a child receiving social work support themselves.

Finally, Jojo, Robin, Nick and Chris, discuss the pressures that drive men to constantly climb the career ladder, just to feel like they’re succeeding and making a difference. Our panel discuss how preconceptions of men needing to be in the highest paid and most stereotypically ‘successful’ jobs, overlook the financial and moral benefits of a career like social work.

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