Frontline Fellowship

“Together, we have more experience, knowledge and expertise than we do individually, and more power to affect change.”

– Frontline fellow

What is the Fellowship?

Anyone who completes one of our programmes joins the Frontline Fellowship. A growing community of over 1,500, the Fellowship is a space for fellows and social workers from across the country to connect, collaborate and innovate.

We provide support, training and resources to empower our fellows, harness their leadership skills and create lasting social change for children without a safe or stable home.

Why does the Fellowship exist?

Individually, our fellows have enormous potential to create change for children and families in their community. But only through collective action, and in collaboration with other professionals, can they achieve the wide-ranging and lasting social change needed to create a society where no child’s life chances are limited by their social or family circumstance.

How do you become a fellow?

Everyone who completes one of our programmes joins the Fellowship. It brings together social workers from across England, at every level of experience, to spark ideas, share knowledge and build expertise.

Practice Network

Where fellows develop their social work practice skills, share knowledge and learn from experts in the profession and beyond.

Advocacy and Policy Hub

Equipping fellows with the skills and opportunities to influence policy and put children and families at the heart of public decision-making.

Innovation Lab

Providing time, resources and expertise for fellows to develop and implement lasting social change for children and families.

Meet some of our fellows creating social change for children and families

Creating lasting impact, one small change at a time

Changing realities for unaccompanied minors

What new and old habits can help us adapt to the ‘new normal’?

None of this can happen without your support

Your contribution can accelerate the impact of the Fellowship and increase the pace of social change for disadvantaged children and families.