Advocacy and Policy Hub

Our fellows put children and families at the heart of all their decision making. Through the Advocacy and Policy Hub, they have the opportunity to ensure that those in positions of power do too.

Equipping fellows with the skills and opportunities to influence policy

Few professionals get to see the direct impact that public policy has on ordinary people like social workers do.

Day in day out, they work alongside families facing some of the greatest challenges in our society. This means they have the privilege and responsibility to amplify the voices of those they support and ensure their needs remain at the heart of public decision making.

The Advocacy and Policy Hub equips our fellows with the skills and opportunities they need to do that.

Building advocacy skills

From mobilising communities to public speaking, we support fellows to build the skills they need to make their voices heard. In turn, they lift up the voices of the profession and the children and families they serve.

Connecting fellows with decision makers

Whether in local communities or the heart of government, collectively or alone, we help fellows increase their visibility among decision makers, so that they can share their expertise, influence policy and keep children and families at the heart of public decision making.

Partnering with mission-aligned organisations

From the Red Cross to Mind, we have connected with expert organisations who offer important perspectives and can share their insight into the needs of those they support.

They also help fellows identify what actions they can take to empower the children and families they work with.

Stories from our Advocacy and Policy Hub

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Practice Network

Where fellows develop their social work practice skills, share knowledge and learn from experts in the profession and beyond.

Innovation Lab

Providing time, resources and expertise for fellows to develop and implement lasting social change for children and families.