Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab nurtures our fellows’ ideas, big and small, for creating lasting social change for children and families.

Investing in ideas

We have created the Innovation Lab to invest time, resources and expertise in our fellows’ initiatives and ideas, whether they are improving social work practice, creating innovative solutions to problems inside and outside the profession, or bringing together professionals to improve skills and knowledge.

No project too big or small

Some of our fellows are implementing small, sustainable changes in their local authority. Others are developing plans for national, system-wide change. We believe that both are equally important and necessary.

Regardless of their size, the one thing all Innovation Lab projects have in common is the potential to create lasting social change for children and families.

Coaching and support

Through the Innovation Lab, fellows have access to coaching to build their confidence and resilience, and to learn how to creatively overcome challenges. Coaching and expert guidance also helps them learn the skills needed to build and run their own social enterprise or initiative.

None of this can happen without your support

The Innovation Lab is at the heart of our 2020–25 strategy: social work for social change. It has the potential to supercharge the impact of the Fellowship.

Through the innovation and initiatives that emerge from the lab, children and families are already benefitting from improved support that helps them overcome the challenges they face.

Over the next five years, we will improve safety and stability for over 50,000 children through this work.

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted more than ever that the most disadvantaged in our society are affected disproportionately in times of turmoil, and that the support of social workers is crucial to help them overcome the challenges they face. But it has also shown us that there are great opportunities for the social work system to be reimagined in a way that best enables this.

Stories from our Innovation Lab

Creating lasting impact, one small change at a time

Practice Network

Where fellows develop their social work practice skills, share knowledge and learn from experts in the profession and beyond.

Advocacy and Policy Hub

Equipping fellows with the skills and opportunities to influence policy and put children and families at the heart of public decision-making.