Practice Network

To achieve the best outcomes for children and families, social workers need access to the latest professional knowledge and best practice. That’s why we created the Practice Network.

Developing social work practice skills

Our fellows don’t stop learning when they finish our programmes, so our support doesn’t stop either. We also know that a lack of professional development can be a reason for people leaving the profession.

We created the Practice Network so that fellows can continue to develop their existing social work practice skills, as well as develop new ones.

This ensures their practice continues to be informed by the latest evidence and research, so they can be the best social workers they can be and also supports them to progress in their careers. Many workshops and training sessions in the Practice Network are open to all social workers across the country, to have the widest possible impact on the profession.

Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing

You could spend a lifetime in social work and still learn something new every day. The Practice Network allows fellows to connect and share that learning with their peers across the country.

We support fellows to share their knowledge with each other, their colleagues and other professionals who support children and families.

Learning from experts in the profession and beyond

We also organise tailored training and connect fellows with subject matter experts.

They might come from within social work, from mission-aligned professions or even from seemingly unrelated fields, including innovative charities, research organisations and leadership coaches.

Stories from our Practice Network

What new and old habits can help us adapt to the ‘new normal’?

Advocacy and Policy Hub

Equipping fellows with the skills and opportunities to influence policy and put children and families at the heart of public decision-making.

Innovation Lab

Providing time, resources and expertise for fellows to develop and implement lasting social change for children and families.