Firstline leadership diagnostics FAQ

The Firstline leadership diagnostics are part of the Firstline programme. They are a tool that enables Firstline leaders on the programme to collect feedback from their colleagues on their leadership skills. This helps them identify their areas of strength as a leader and also potential areas which they can develop further over the course of the programme.

Below you can see the key steps involved in collecting this feedback and a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any outstanding questions, please check with the colleague who nominated you to provide them with feedback or get in touch directly with someone in the Firstline team by emailing

What is the Firstline programme?

The Firstline programme is a leadership development programme that enables first line social work managers to develop their leadership identity. It is one of the programmes run by Frontline, which is a mission-led social work charity. We work with the first line managers (who we call Firstline leaders) across a 10-month period. We help them to develop their leadership approach through a series of residential modules, and individual and group sessions. If you would like to understand more about the programme you can find more information here.


Why am I being asked to provide feedback?

You have been asked to provide feedback by one of the Firstline leaders who are about to start the programme. Your feedback will help them identify the areas of leadership on which they want to focus during the programme. Your feedback is really valuable as it helps them to understand more about their behaviours and how their leadership is perceived by those around them, and it helps them to identify any blind spots.


Is my feedback anonymous?

Your name will not appear anywhere in the report that we give to the Firstline leader who nominated you. However, we cannot guarantee that your feedback is truly anonymous for two main reasons. The first is that we aggregate the ratings according to whether you are a direct report, manager or peer, and the Firstline leader will see an average for each group. If you are the only person in this group who has completed the survey, the Firstline leader may be able to work out that the ratings that have come from you. The second reason is that although the comments are anonymous, in some cases the Firstline leader may guess who it came from – this will depend on the content of the comment you chose to leave.


I am not sure I can answer all of the questions, what should I do?

It may be that you do not feel able to answer all of the questions in the survey. This will depend on how closely you work with the Firstline leader and their team. If you do not feel in a position to answer some of the questions, please select NA. If you feel that you do not work closely enough with this person and their team to be able to answer any of the questions, then please get in touch with the person who nominated you. They will only have nominated you if they feel you work closely enough together for you to be able to reflect on their leadership skills, so it is best to have a conversation with them and then let us know what you decide.


Can I save my responses and finish them later if I run out of time?

Yes, you will see an option at the top of each page to Save my progress and resume later. You will be asked to enter your email address and a password so that you can resume your form later. Please save the link and remember your password! We can re-send these to you but our emails are sometimes directed to your spam or are blocked by a firewall. When you return to the link you will see an empty form, but if you click the blue hyperlink at the top of the page Resume a previously saved form you will find your previously saved responses and can continue to fill in the form.