Frontline brand manager – “Feeling aligned to this essential mission makes the job so worthwhile”

7th February 2018

Last year, I attended a Frontline presentation on campus, which provided me with my first insight into child protection social work. I learned what social workers do on a day-to-day basis, about the need for great social workers and how students can apply to begin a journey into social work with Frontline.

Before this, during my time at university, I felt pretty clueless about my career prospects. Not knowing what I wanted to pursue after graduation, I used to stroll aimlessly through careers fairs, browsing through the similar-sounding consultancy companies and banking firms, picking up business cards and making menial small talk with recruiters. Nothing seemed to take my fancy, and I often left feeling deflated. Whilst there were many companies offering great opportunities, appealing starting salaries and flexible living opportunities, nothing struck my attention!

I’d previously considered teaching and had gained plenty of experience working with children in mentoring roles in various schools, a summer camp for young carers and voluntary work within a Brownies group. Despite these enjoyable experiences working with children and my experiences volunteering with vulnerable adults in the past, I hadn’t really put two and two together to consider children and families’ social work until the day I first heard about Frontline.

Upon hearing about social work and Frontline’s leadership development programme, I discovered that Frontline were recruiting for campus brand managers to advertise Frontline’s opportunities and spread their message amongst students. This role seemed extremely appealing for several reasons.

I loved that I would be able to work flexibly in the role, choosing my own hours and committing to a total of around two hours per week, allowing me to balance the role with the academic intensity of my final year studies. I knew that I loved meeting new people and wanted an opportunity to both develop my communication skills further and increase my confidence. I also wanted some further insight into what it was like to work for a start-up charity like Frontline, so that I could better understand Frontline’s mission and know if the leadership development programme was right for me. Safe to say, I was completely won over and have since been accepted onto the 2018 Cohort. I cannot wait for my journey with Frontline to continue!

I truly believe that the role doesn’t just teach you how to promote Frontline in unique ways, but that it links you directly to the overall mission of Frontline, making it a truly valuable part time role. The training sessions that support the brand manager role involve several opportunities to hear from a wide range of leaders within the field of social work, as well as inspiring speakers that have directly experienced both the positives and negatives of the care system. Such speakers demonstrated the need for exceptional child protection services and explained what we should look for when recruiting Frontline participants.

When I am working as a brand manager, I am constantly aware that I am finding students who one day might transform the lives of vulnerable children. Feeling aligned to this essential mission makes the job so worthwhile! As a brand manager I pass on the knowledge Frontline has taught me. Facts such as only 6% of young adults who leave the care system go on to attend university, or that care leavers are more likely to end up in prison or become homeless, really highlight why we need more amazing social workers to help empower the vulnerable.

Could you represent Frontline at your university and help this mission? Apply to be a brand manager today!