Frontline’s graduate internship is the best thing you can do for yourself and your career

13th March 2019

In an incredibly competitive graduate market, great opportunities for graduates to gain experience in the charity sector (let alone paid experience) are sparse. The growing popularity of the third sector, combined with the limited number of entry-level roles available, means that finding an opportunity that’s right for you can feel like mining for gold in the sky. Frontline is one of the world’s leading social work charities. It is also one of the few employers offering a six-month paid graduate internship in a creative and engaging team.

I became a graduate intern in September 2016 and I’m still grateful for the opportunity it gave me! Working with Frontline has given me invaluable experience in the charity sector. The diversity of the role helped me build a wide range of transferable skills that will benefit my career. At the end of the graduate internship, I was offered a permanent role at Frontline. I’ve now worked here for almost three years. This speaks volumes about how special it is to be a part of this charity.

When you hear the word intern, the image of coffee-runs or snooze-worthy admin tasks might come to mind. This couldn’t be further from the truth at Frontline. Reaching out to people across the country, the graduate interns help select individuals to join the Frontline programme. Unlike more corporate work, you can clearly see how your day-to-day job makes a difference.

Most importantly, Frontline give you real responsibility, as well as support and training to perform well and continually develop in your role. Frontline genuinely cares about what you gain from the role. Previous graduate interns have worked on diversity projects, designing and implementing a new candidate portal, and external stakeholder management. You are able to tailor your responsibilities to more closely reflect the career you want to pursue, with some of Frontline’s graduate interns going on to secure jobs at Police Now and NCS: The Challenge. Others have joined competitive graduate schemes such as Vodafone and upReach. Some, like me, even stay at the charity. Either way, this internship only makes more opportunities available to you.

But the main reason why you should apply to the graduate internship is because Frontline’s people and work culture are so unique. Everyone, including interns, is encouraged to work freely and responsibly; in a nutshell this means less busywork, fewer rules and more autonomy. The people at Frontline are committed to creating an encouraging and supportive environment that  challenges and pioneers our values every day.

For example, some have created a platform for colleagues to speak openly about their mental health. Others have promoted activities that engage the organisation with LGBTQ+ history and awareness. Others still have committed to projects that aim to increase the diversity of the organisation. All this makes Frontline a great environment to gain invaluable experience, and that’s without mentioning the fact that it involves having a positive impact on children and families across England.

Do not miss out on this opportunity – start your application now!