Frontline jobs: “The opportunity to work flexibly on campus was a no-brainer”

9th March 2015

Applications for 2016-17 Brand Managers are open now for 33 universities. Apply today!

You don’t have to dig deep to find out why social work for children is so important in our society. Children in need in England are nine times more likely to be permanently excluded from school, over four times less likely to achieve five GCSE’s between A*- C and twice as likely to be drawn into the criminal justice system.

These facts couldn’t demonstrate more clearly that the need for social workers to transform the lives of these at-risk children is paramount. It is surprising then, that social work’s importance has not translated into a strong employment market for graduates. Frontline was the first organisation to point this seemingly obvious deficit out to me and I couldn’t think of a more worthy cause than their mission to address this fundamental issue in our society. Therefore, when the opportunity to become part of this project arose, it seemed like an absolute no-brainer to take it and apply to be a Brand Manager.

One of the reasons Frontline’s programme stood out to me was because of how rare the opportunities it offers are. Like many undergrads coming towards the end of their degrees, I spend a lot of my time aimlessly walking around graduate employment fairs. During my wanderings, I come across a lot of banks and corporate giants and if I’m being honest, I don’t really understand what many of these companies do! But what Frontline offer which so few do, is a career path focused on social impact with a clear mission to change the lives of vulnerable children. This was something I could be genuinely passionate about. Discussing Frontline with others felt less like work, and more like an excuse to talk about something exciting and new I was enthusiastic about.  

What I’ve enjoyed most about being a Brand Manager for Frontline is how flexible and adaptive the role is. The opportunity to bring your own ideas and insights to the plate is rare with any undergraduate job these days.  But unlike most jobs you attain as an undergraduate, working for Frontline is not formulaic at all. As a pioneering programme, Frontline is receptive to new ideas and strategies. As a Brand Manager, I have been given the opportunity to become a core part of the discussion about how we should market Frontline, rather than just being directed to carry out several prearranged tasks. It’s incredibly exciting to be at the forefront of something new and pioneering.

Working as a Brand Manager has given me the chance to develop so many skills that will prove incredibly useful whatever career path I choose to take: marketing skills, networking, the ability to speak confidently and persuasively, to name but a few. If you are looking to expand your skills-set for employability, then I would strongly encourage you to apply.

Don’t feel like you have to do a degree directly related to social work. I’m a History student and Frontline hired me. I think the key ingredients to becoming a good Brand Manger are an understanding of Frontline’s work and some passion for their mission. If you think you’ve got that, then like I said at the beginning, it’s a no-brainer: apply today!