Careers beyond social work

The Frontline programme lasts for two years, but we hope that your impact on the lives of vulnerable children and families will continue and grow through your whole career. We encourage you to continue to lead change by developing your career in frontline social work (see our ‘careers in social work’ page), but we recognise that some participants may seek to apply their learning and skills in other areas of work.  You can read on below to find out more about alternative career options which are closely aligned with Frontline’s mission to transform the lives of vulnerable children.

Systemic Practitioner / Family Therapist routes
You may decide to continue your Systemic Training and becoming a fully qualified Systemic Therapist. As a qualified social worker and Systemic Family Therapist, you would find a number of opportunities with local authorities and in the NHS, working with vulnerable children and families.
Children and Families Court Advisory and Support Services (CAFCASS)
CAFCASS represents the voice of children and families in court, offering a number of different roles providing support in family courts in both private and public law proceedings. As a Family Court Advisor or a Children’s Guardian you would have a key role in the court process, making recommendations to the court on decisions and care plans for children.
Policy making
Social workers have a key role to play in formulating policy at both a local and national level. You could go on to join the Civil Service or play an important role in local government.
Voluntary sector
There is a significant number of not-for-profit organisations that share a similar vision to Frontline in seeking to work vulnerable children to reduce disadvantage. Varied opportunities await Frontline participants who are keen to work with those charities to make a difference.
Private or public sector consultancy
The experience you’ll gain and the skills you’ll acquire will ensure that  you are also well placed to work with a consultancy organisation supporting local authorities in their training of social workers and provision of children’s services.
Work internationally
Our two-year programme will leave you with many of the skills required to join an NGO and lead the way in driving social change all around the world. There are potential opportunities at every level – from grassroots work, all the way up to the UN.