Diversity and inclusion on the frontline programme

At Frontline, we believe social workers should reflect the diversity of the communities they serve. We are committed to increasing the diversity of our cohorts on the Frontline programme and ensuring we support applicants with disabilities.

Why is diversity essential on the Frontline programme? 

Our vision is a society where no child’s life chances are limited by their social or family circumstance. All our activity and teaching as a charity has a strong focus on anti-discriminatory practice and inclusion. We cannot develop excellent social work practice and leadership without including a wide variety of voices, experiences and backgrounds.  

Almost a third of the children who social workers support identify as Black, Asian or minority ethnic and over half identify as male. Despite this, only 22% of children’s social workers identify as Black, Asian or minority ethnic and a mere 14% identify as maleTo achieve the greatest possible impact for disadvantaged children, we need to address this imbalance and bring more people into the profession from underrepresented groups.  

On the Frontline programme, 22% of our 2020 Cohort identifies as being Black, Asian or minority ethnic and 20% as menThis places us in line with, and slightly ahead of the profession as a whole, but we know we can do better. 



What are our diversity commitments? 

On the Frontline programme we are committed to:   

  • bringing more diverse cohorts into the social work profession   
  • making anti-racist teaching on the programme more explicit 
  • equipping participants with the skills to challenge discrimination in all its forms and advocate for social justice and change 

You can learn more about our charity-wide diversity commitments in our Racial Diversity and Inclusion action plan. 

Supporting disability  

At Frontline, we believe that people with disabilities have an important contribution to make, with unique experiences that benefit the children and families that we serve.

Many previous Frontline participants with disabilities have completed our training successfully and gone on to practise safely and effectively with or without adjustments to support them. We ensure that our screening, assessment and decision-making processes complement these beliefs, whilst also considering whether you will be likely to meet our suitability requirements and the professional standards set by the regulator Social Work England.

There are several points during Frontline’s application process where you will have the opportunity to disclose your disability to us. Although you are not obliged to share this information with us, we strongly recommend that you do so at the earliest opportunity so we can make the necessary reasonable adjustments.

You can find more information on the support we are able to offer here and our suitability policy can be found here