In order to achieve our mission we place participants where there is the greatest need and where we believe they can have the most positive impact.

Our units are distributed across local authorities in England. We currently place participants in the North East, North West, the Midlands, South East, Greater London and the South West. In addition to the need for great social workers in each of these areas, we choose local authorities based on their ability to provide you with the highest quality training and support.

Car and Driving Licence

Some local authorities require that you have a driving licence to better support children and families across their communities. If you are placed in one of these locations and you do not have a licence, we strongly recommend that you get one in advance of the summer institute. Additionally, some local authorities require participants to have their own vehicle.

As you might expect of such a competitive programme, you may be placed in any local authority within any of our regions. Whilst we will carefully consider your circumstances and any extenuating information when placing you, we will not be able to guarantee your first preference will be given. This is because we have to balance the participants’ needs with those of our local authorities, the families and their geographical location.


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