Frontline rises to 26 in The Times Top 100 list of graduate employers

19th September 2018

Today the prestigious Times Top 100 graduate employers list 2018-19 was announced. We’re proud to share that we’ve risen to 26 in the rankings, which also marks the fifth year running that we’ve been featured, amongst organisations including Google, the Civil Service, Aldi and the BBC.

Applications are open to join the Frontline programme in 2019. Thinking about applying? Read about why Luke chose Frontline and how he’s found his first year on the programme.

Originally my plan after leaving university was to become a journalist. But when I heard about Frontline I was drawn in by the idea of being able to hear about people’s journeys and support them along the way. I found that each stage of the assessment process saw me become increasingly interested and fascinated by the role of a children and family social worker.

The programme is incredibly diverse and that’s one of the great things about Frontline and being a social worker. On a day to day basis I am in schools talking to children about their family life at home, or at the park playing football and chatting about how they find or school or visiting family homes. I work very closely with other agencies including the mental health team, gang specialists, special educational needs teams, the police, domestic violence programmes, drugs and alcohol teams and schools. Working with so many agencies helps me understand the family’s experiences and support the children and parents on a day to day basis.

My consultant social worker has been incredibly supportive. One of the main pieces of advice she gave me is the idea of change and the compass model. Sometimes I can feel frustrated by the lack of change when working with families but she encouraged me to think about it like a compass. One small movement in the centre of the compass, if continued on, can completely alter the ship’s final destination. Small changes which we see in families now can lead to huge changes later on.

The thing I most enjoy is direct working with children and families because it allows me to provide support in creative ways to evoke beneficial change in complex situations in the hope of vulnerable children reaching their full potential.

Every social worker brings their own personality to the role and that’s one of the reasons why it can be such a great job.