Graduate, get a job … make a difference

19th January 2017

Cambridge graduates enter a wide range of careers but making a difference tops their career wish lists. In this series, inspiring graduates from the last three years describe Cambridge, their current work and their determination to give back.

I graduated last summer and I’m now a student social worker in Hartlepool Children’s Services. I’m doing my training with Frontline, the relatively new graduate scheme for social work.

Children’s Services covers a wide range of activity. My work so far has consisted of supporting children in need, and offering help to families to overcome particular issues that are detrimentally impacting upon the welfare of the child. I’ve already worked with people suffering from mental illness, learning disabilities and substance misuse.”

Tom Hogg started the Frontline programme after graduating from the University of Cambridge last summer. Read the full article to find out how he’s making a difference to the lives of vulnerable children in Hartlepool.