How the Frontline graduate internship could help kick-start your career

6th February 2020


I knew I wanted to begin my career doing something that had social value but I wasn’t sure which type of roles I would enjoy. Frontline has been a great place to start because the graduate internship is a full time job at an exciting charity. It’s allowed me to learn more about the third sector and explore working on different tasks with many teams.

The graduate internship sits within the selection team. Most of my role involves supporting the team to recruit new social workers but there are opportunities to get involved with a huge range of projects. My time is split between working in the London office and running assessment centres. When I’m in the office, I do everything from tracking data and chairing meetings, to providing advice and feedback to applicants and building effective relationships with members of the Department of Education or potential funders. The variety of the tasks has allowed me to learn a lot very quickly and I now have the transferable skills needed for so many jobs.

Days at assessment centres are busy. We give lots of briefings to candidates and often have to quickly solve logistical challenges, for example when candidates, actors, assessors and care experienced people do not arrive. Previous interns have even had to deal with a pipe bursting and a candidate having an unwanted shower during an interview. I’ve definitely become more comfortable working at a fast pace and it’s really helped me stay calm and unfazed when dealing with sudden issues. All of these skills are really transferable and so useful when looking for the next step in my career. There are loads of ways to develop yourself beyond the role as well, such as helping other teams in the office run events or taking part in all the different training workshops Frontline offers. I would really recommend taking advantage of as many of these opportunities as possible!

The team at Frontline are very friendly and have welcomed me and the other graduate interns into the organisation. I have always felt supported by my manager which has had a very positive impact on my experience. We have spent time talking about my personal development, discussing what I want to do in the future and how I can tailor my role at Frontline to gain experience that’s relevant for my career. She has encouraged me to get involved with extra projects I am interested in, such as Frontline’s upcoming podcast, writing newsletters and creating external communications materials.

As well as this support, members of other teams have always been very willing to have meetings with me so that I can quiz them about their careers and ask for some sage advice. Joining with two other graduate interns has also been a great part of the role. We work closely together, helping each other along the way and I am now happy to call them friends.

If this all appeals to you and you are looking for an office role which allows you to work towards helping vulnerable children and families, I would really recommend applying to the Frontline graduate internship. Good luck!