Holly Branson: introducing Frontline’s new film…

18th March 2014

“Dear Julie… you’ve known me since I was very young and done so much to get to the point where I can live a happy life. There needs to be more social workers like you. It’s definitely been a pleasure to have known you and to have had you in my life” – Frontline’s new social work film.

The facts speak for themselves; ‘looked after’ children are twice as likely to get drawn into the criminal justice system and over a third of the adult prison population have been in care.

But there is good news; fortunately, there are hundreds of people, organisations and charities dedicated to preventing cases getting to this stage and one of those is Frontline.

It was announced today that in just two months, 2,684 graduates applied to join Frontline’s children’s social work leadership programme, and it is emerging as one of the most competitive graduate schemes in the UK.

Some of you may remember I posted a blog last year in which I proudly announced that Big Change was a founding partner of Frontline. Now, in line with World Social Work Day, I want to share a newly released film about the impact of great social work. The film captures the positive impact that both social workers and care-leavers have had on one another’s lives and it has been great to support such an important initiative.

It’s really touching to hear the testimonies of young people who have benefited from the support of social workers and I’m proud that Big Change, Frontline and my brother Sam’s film company Sundog Pictures have come together to produce this important film.

Frontline is designed to bridge the recruitment gap in social work, create a new generation of leaders and change perceptions of this vitally important profession. I urge you to take a closer look at this film and share it as widely as you can.

If you’re interested in Frontline’s programme, or children’s social work more widely, please follow the links below.

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•    Guardian Social Care – 5 ways social workers can change lives

Holly Branson is a trustee of Big Change Charitable Trust, one of Frontline’s founding partners.