How working for Frontline helped me secure a graduate job

29th June 2015
Applications for 2016-17 Brand Managers are now open for 33 universities. Apply today!

Each year Frontline recruits around 20 enthusiastic students as Brand Managers to help us spread the word on campus about the Frontline Programme. These positions aren’t just valuable for students aiming to join Frontline’s graduate programme. They are also designed to develop people’s skills in communication, presentation and time management ability. Today we hear from Anna, a Frontline Brand Manager who we are delighted to announce has secured a place on the Civil Service Fast Stream.

How did the skills you learnt with Frontline prepare you for the Fast Stream?
“Within the Fast Stream application process I had a group activity, which involved reading through a lot of information so you had to absorb a lot quite quickly and then debate it in teamwork situations. Being a Brand Manager for Frontline helped to prepared me for this as you are working in teams and discussing ideas together in training days, so that was a huge help in preparing me for the group activity.” 
“In terms of processing information, as a brand manager, you are having to think on your feet and sometimes you are put in situations you haven’t experienced before. You have to use your initiative all the time. This was helpful in my written exercise, I had a large amount of information to process and needed to wade through things that that are relevant and things that aren’t. In addition, I had the opportunity to write blogs for Frontline and was responsible for keeping the Nottingham Facebook page up to date, this helped me to develop effective written communication.”
“During my interview for the Fast-Stream I found that being a Brand Manager was really adaptable to every competency and question they asked me. Finally I had a leadership exercise, which was really, really transferable to my role as a Brand Manager because you are constantly in situations where you are in control and you are organising tasks and activities.”
“I realised during my journey applying to the Fast Stream that I have gained lots of transferable skills because the brand manager role is so diverse.”
Why did you decide to join Frontline in the first place?
“I was really interested in working for the public sector. It’s really important to get a variety of experiences at university and I was looking to give back something and make a positive impact. I also wanted to gain as much experience as possible in my final year.”
“The role works really well for flexibility too. The team is good at adapting to your deadlines. It’s really easy to get the balance right because the lines of communication are good. I haven’t had to make compromises because of this role, which is really important in your final year.”
What would you say to someone thinking of applying to a Brand Manager role?
“The experience opens your eyes to so many things. You meet so many people through it and it helps to open you up to the graduate market, even if you are unsure about what to do after university you’re surrounded by a supportive team which is really helpful in your final year. A highlight for me was the support we received, it exceeded my expectations. I particularly benefited from evaluating my strengths and weaknesses each week – a lot of companies are now looking for skills in self-awareness.”

“The role involved a lot of communicating with others, ranging from lecture shout-outs to flyering. These activities were really key in developing my confidence in my communication skills. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It didn’t feel like a job. You gain a lot from it, it’s just such a good experience. I know I wouldn’t have done so well in my application to the Civil Service it wasn’t for this role, I’m really appreciative of it.”

Where do you see yourself in five years?
“I’m not sure, but what I will say, is if someone said where I would be now a year ago I wouldn’t have believed them. Every experience you do opens you up to 100 more experiences you could do in the future, so I think it’s important to follow them and see where they lead.”

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