An insight into the Frontline programme

8th March 2018

Applications for our diversity insight days and undergraduate tastes in 2019 are now open.

I was walking through campus one day back in 2015 and I saw an advertisement for a Frontline talk, but I had missed it. When I got home, I decided to research Frontline online and I was instantly drawn to the programme and the possible impact I could have on children and their families as a social worker.

Every so often, I looked at the website waiting for events I could attend and eventually I saw the 2016 insight days. Conveniently, one was happening during the Easter break so I happily attended. It was a great day! I met like-minded people and learned about some of the assessment centre activities. One of the tasks I participated in, after plucking up a lot of courage, was role playing a neglectful mother in front of people I just met. Most importantly, I got to meet Pash Selopal, the recruitment officer for West Yorkshire and the Humber which includes my university – University of Leeds.

I am eternally grateful to Pash because from that day we have been in contact via email. When I returned to Leeds, Pash met me for coffee and he supported me with my application for the Frontline 2017 Cohort. He gave me so much confidence, but I was devastated to receive an email from Frontline telling me that I was unsuccessful at the video interview stage.

Nevertheless, I was determined to get a place on the programme. I went to another insight day in 2017, which reignited my passion and reminded me that I had the potential to be a social worker. I reapplied, again with Pash’s support and encouragement.

In the meantime, after graduating in July 2017, I got a job in a children’s home supporting looked after children; an experience which has been invaluable. Between the additional experience and Pash’s support, things seemed to be going well. On 15 December, I was at a safeguarding presentation with work and I got a missed call from a random number. It was Pash – he told me I was successful for the 2018 Cohort! I cried! I smiled! I was so excited!

I have learnt that just a little bit of determination goes a long way. Now, I sit here waiting for the Summer Institute and I can’t wait. I’m excited that I will be able to call myself a social worker who will be making gradual change to support children and their families across London!

If you are interested in applying to the Frontline programme, I’d say just go for it. Frontline is one of the best things I’ve ever applied for. Go along to an insight day because it is not just a chance to learn more about the programme, it is an opportunity to get invaluable support with your application.

Thank you to Pash and everyone at Frontline so far!

I’m so excited for the journey ahead.