Isabelle Trowler: 2015 could be a big year for social work

6th January 2015

“Next year could be a big one for social work. It will bring challenges but, with confidence and leadership, the profession will continue to grow and develop. There is the chance of a step change in how we provide sustainable, high-quality support to the most vulnerable children and families. And with that change can come both greater respect and a central role in meeting some of the most critical challenges facing public services.

Social workers work within any social context. No matter how fraught a family’s life or how harsh a person’s social circumstances, it is up to them to find a way to help. It is a hugely complex job that takes a great deal of skill. When done well, it can transform lives and be inspirational. As a profession, though, we do need to continue to develop.

When I came into post just over 12 months ago, I had two priorities: to refocus national social work policy on what matters most, practice skill and the practice system. By doing this, we have the best chance of supporting families and protecting children. The Department for Education now has two large-scale programmes focusing on these two areas.”

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