It is time to split adults and children’s social work education, says Martin Narey

14th July 2015

Government special adviser Sir Martin Narey has called for a split between adults and children’s social work education, so that each can become more focused.

Speaking at the Association of Directors of Children’s Services annual conference, Narey said: “We might still be able to pull together an argument for one social work profession, but I don’t think we can justify the inevitable compromises in a degree that tries to cover children’s and adults issues in equal measure and in just two academic years.”

He added: “I think you need social workers whose academic programme is concentrated on child and family issues and both their placements involve working with the children.”

Narey, who wrote a review of social work education for the previous government, said his call for the shift in social work training came from meeting graduates from the Step Up To Social Work and Frontline training programmes.