It’s the efforts and resilience of service users that makes social work so worthwhile

15th March 2016

Sharing the positive work we do will help more people engage with our profession, writes a social worker and Frontline participant

Social work’s not a job that everyone has had direct experience of growing up. We probably all had a teacher when we were a child, we probably all saw a doctor, and we probably all have an idea what it might be like to be a bus driver.

But I think social work remains a bit of a mystery for most people and as a result our profession is quite often misunderstood. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons social work doesn’t have the same status as other public sector jobs such as teaching or medicine.

It’s a shame because the work of social workers is vitally important. That’s been reinforced to me since I began my training with Frontline in the summer of 2014.

Everyone has different reasons for entering this profession. Personally, I was drawn to children and families social work by an experience in my late teens. I was supporting a family member through an extremely difficult time. Seeing them come out stronger really strengthened my belief in people’s capacity for change. I think that’s what really motivated me to enter social work.

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