Learning and development – just one of the reasons to intern with Frontline

25th February 2015

Directing a photo shoot, supporting work on a new selection process and successfully pitching a new policy proposal on social media for Brand Managers all over the country. All in a day’s work as an intern at Frontline. When I applied to the Internship Programme I had no idea that I would get opportunities that were so varied and exciting, but this was only the beginning.

I was initially attracted to Frontline because its mission to transform the lives of vulnerable children was one close to my own ideals. When I applied I had been working with children and young people across different settings for around three years, many of whom were involved with the care system themselves. I had seen first-hand the negative effects the care system could have on the young people involved in it, but I was also fortunate enough to see how much difference outstanding professionals could make in the lives of the most vulnerable. I saw how they made the young people in their care feel safe and included, how they empowered them and how they supported them to meet their potential. When I found an organisation who were as passionate about recruiting the most capable leaders to these most difficult jobs as I was, I jumped at the opportunity to get involved. As an added bonus, and unlike a lot of other internship schemes I had read about, the Frontline programme was paid the London Living Wage.

When I applied to the internship and was invited to interview, I was initially nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect. But from the beginning everyone at Frontline team extremely friendly and the assessment centre activities, while initially daunting, were actually quite enjoyable. Much the same could be said of when I arrived at the office. My initial nerves were quickly swept away as everyone was really welcoming, and my to-do list, which seemed daunting at first, rapidly began to transform into a checklist as I made progress on the varied and engaging tasks. Moreover, as my work was linked to the organisational needs, it was really satisfying to see in practice how I was making a difference. 

Another highlight of my time at Frontline was the emphasis placed on my learning and development. As well as the comprehensive induction, I really valued the training on public speaking, coaching on presenting skills and the mock social work scenario that I took part in. I also valued the careers advice I received from people across the organisation which has proved useful in my decision making and application processes this year.

Without a doubt, I would recommend the Frontline internship programme to anyone who is passionate about making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children and keen to work with a dynamic and innovative organisation.

Russell Jones was on the 2014 Internship Programme. He is now a Frontline Brand Manager at the University of Cambridge.