Manifestos back Frontline to 2020

14th April 2015

Frontline, the new charity with the aim of transforming children’s lives through an innovative approach to recruiting and developing social workers, has welcomed cross-party support from the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats following the publication of manifestos this week.  

Each manifesto promises to continue backing Frontline’s innovative social work training programme in the coming years, meaning Frontline will continue its pioneering approach throughout the next parliament. Social work is one of Britain’s toughest but most important jobs and this cross-party support is a crucial part of the national effort to ensure that the profession attracts more top talent who can have the biggest possible impact in transforming lives for the better.

This news follows the recent announcement that Frontline will be expanding into a third region in 2016, with a total of 180 places available for high-potential graduates and career changers who are passionate about making a positive social impact.

The Conservative Party’s manifesto states:
“”We will continue to raise the quality of children’s social work, by expanding training programmes, such as Frontline, and creating new opportunities to develop the next generation of leaders in the field.”

The Labour Party’s manifesto states:
“We will continue our support for Frontline and its innovative approach to training social workers.”

The Liberal Democrat manifesto states:
“We will raise the quality and profile of children’s social work, continuing and expanding the Frontline programme – which is fast-tracking the brightest and best into the profession – to at least 300 graduate recruits each year.”

Josh MacAlister, Frontline’s Chief Executive, said:
“Vulnerable children and families deserve the best social workers and we’re delighted that the three major parties have committed to supporting Frontline into the next parliament. We look forward to continuing our work to recruit and develop outstanding graduates and career changers, with a clear focus on those children at risk from abuse and neglect.”