‘On-the-job’ social work training “improving quality”

5th May 2014

Once again experts have spoken out to praise Step Up – the 14-month social work training programme designed to offer students more on-the-job training. The idea was that, by helping students to gain more experience of social work, the programme would increase the number of practice-ready social workers.

Today (15 April) Dot Smith of Sheffield Council pointed to how practice-ready Step Up students have helped reduce reliance on agency staff. Dot predicts that 98% found jobs with their local authoprities.  (Read the article here – it also mentions that Consultant Social Workers have helped Sheffield with retention rates.)

A month ago a new survey showed that 8 out of 10 Step Up students secured jobs immediately – and this figure did not include those who were going through the job application process. In comparison 39% of social workers students move into social work practice. It’s also significant that 96% of Step Up students felt well prepared for practice. (Read the full article here)

The Frontline Academy programme will take learning further into practice than ever before; here Lead Professor Donald Forrester explains why.