Our impact

The children and young people who rely on social workers deserve committed, passionate and skilled professionalsSince 2013 we have been working to transform the lives of those most in need, by recruiting and developing outstanding individuals to be leaders in social work and broader society. 

Impact report 2018

We are proud of what we have achieved in our first five years. We have attracted more people into social work, improved the skills of those already in the profession and supported thousands of children and families. Those who have completed our programmes are driving change within society to benefit the most vulnerable.


Supporting children and families

In total, we estimate that over 48,000 families have received support from Frontline participants and Firstline leaders.

Recruiting and developing social workers

We have brought over 1,000 people into social work through the Frontline programme.

Raising the status of social work

We have been listed in The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers for five years – the first social work organisation to feature.


Retaining quality social work staff

remain in children’s social work six months after completing the Frontline programme.



By the end of 2018, an estimated 660 people will have completed one of our programmes and joined the Frontline Fellowship.


By September 2020, we estimate that our participants will have
worked with 100,000 families while on our programmes.


We will have 1,500 fellows who are applying themselves to address social disadvantage in different ways by 2020.


Independent studies from Cardiff University and the Centre for Child and Family Research (CCFR) at Loughborough University have found that the Frontline and Firstline programmes are successful in developing the practice skill and leadership of social workers.

Firstline leaders were ‘overwhelmingly positive’ about participating in the programme, with many considering it
the best training and professional development that they had received as managers and leaders.

Lougborough Evaluation, 2017


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You can read more details about the impact we are having in our annual reports. Read the Annual Report and Accounts 2017-18 here.