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The Challenge

The North West had the highest number of children known to have been placed in care in 2013, at 18% (ONS). Recent research by the Department for Education shows that 21% of children subject to a child protection plan and 28.5% of children in need during 2015 – 16 were based in the North West.

There is much work to be done with children and families in the region. This provides social workers with plenty of opportunity to actively influence the trajectory of a child’s life and contribute to the overall wellbeing of the community, granting them a high level of job satisfaction. Given the diversity in the region, social workers have found that working here provides an exciting challenge and a chance to work with myriad families of different ethnic and religious backgrounds, providing them with a well-rounded experience and education.

Key statistics
  • With 40% of children living in poverty, Manchester has the 2nd highest levels of any local authority in the UK (End Child Poverty 2016).
  • In the North West, 220 looked after children were convicted of a crime before their 18th birthday (UK GOV 2016).
  • Only 14% of children in need in the North West achieve 5 A*- C grades at GCSE including English and Maths (UK GOV 2016).
  • In the North West, 30% of children in need are persistently absent from school. (UK GOV 2016).
  • There are over 112,000 children in need across the North West (UK GOV 2016).

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