Since 2017, Frontline is responsible for all academic teaching on the Frontline programme and is registered as an education provider by the Health and Care Professions Council.

The academic curriculum is taught by in-house social work tutors – all highly experienced, registered social workers. They teach alongside a dedicated Curriculum team. In addition, visiting experts contribute to the curriculum, as do people who have experienced social work services in their lives.

Academic study forms a vital component of the Frontline programme. All teaching is grounded in recent, evidence-based and innovative approaches to child protection social work. Your involvement will begin at the Summer Institute and then continue throughout the Frontline programme, as you progress through the assessment process and complete your master’s degree.

The broad approach is to prepare you to work with children and families to bring about change. A key feature of our fresh approach to social work education is the integration of theory and academic learning into everyday practice. The teaching of practice skills in helping people is also key to the Frontline programme. You will have a dedicated practice tutor who will visit you regularly in your local authority practice setting, providing tutorials that draw on their extensive experience of social work. At Frontline we call this ‘taking the university into practice.’

The Frontline programme is accredited by the University of Bedfordshire who award a master’s degree to successful participants.